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A Mom Trying To Write In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Stay At Home Mom, Homeschool Mom, And Writer Mom I have been struggling to keep up with all the things there is to do as a Writer Mom. I have the hard and wonderful distractions of all of my children being home 24/7, because of a pandemic. I spend most days making sure they get… Continue reading A Mom Trying To Write In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Articles, Thoughts and Musings

How I Push Through Writer’s Block

A Little Tip I Learned In College The last year and a half has been difficult for everyone and we are all doing our best to manage, one day at a time. For me, as a writer and a parent to three school-age children who are doing school at home, this has meant a shorter window… Continue reading How I Push Through Writer’s Block

The Cliff: A Webnovel

The Cliff: Chapter One

James MaCafree Is Heartbroken, Down On Love, And Can Control the Weather. He settled on the edge of the cliff as waves struck and curled over the rocks below, creating a fierce rhythm. It vibrated his soul, shaking out places of misery and bringing healing. This was his place. Lorna’s too, the voice in his… Continue reading The Cliff: Chapter One