The Cliff: A Webnovel, Thoughts and Musings

Big Changes!

Some significant events have happened in our lives recently and it has got me thinking about the choices I am making in my life and my writing. So much of my life I have not stepped out to do the things I love due to fear. Fear of people not liking me, fear of rejection,… Continue reading Big Changes!

Thoughts and Musings

Question: What Am I Currently Working On?

I am actually working on several things at the moment, doing a bit of a juggling act. Now, when you say working for a writer, this may not always look like physically writing, or at least for me this isn’t always the case. A lot of my writing starts first in my head. I like… Continue reading Question: What Am I Currently Working On?

The Cliff: A Webnovel

The Cliff: Chapter Two

Lorna Reaves Is A Woman, Desperate To Do The Right Thing And Save The Man She Loves. Read Chapter One here Lorna paced the floor of her small, cozy apartment, stunned, she’d had to leave a voicemail. The phone rested like a brick in her hand. Her heart squeezed tight, and her stomach twisted with… Continue reading The Cliff: Chapter Two