A Light Within – A Chapter Series

A Light Within

People with magical powers have been vanishing one by one across the state of Maine, only to be found weeks later wandering in a field, their minds broken beyond repair and not a single memory of what happened.

Meghan, a healer, is among the lost. Gabby, Meghan’s twin sister, can sense something sinister has taken her away against her will and  is determined to find her before it’s too late.

Gabby calls for Aiden, a man with the power to control the elements and her long-time crush, to help her find her missing sister before it’s too late.

Together with their combined powers, they will face an enemy twisted with hate for their kind and possessing a dangerous dark power of his own.

Can they find Meghan’s kidnapper in time?

From A Light Within:

A Light Within: Chapter One

Keys clicked beneath Meghan’s swift fingers as she finished the note on her previous patient. She was expecting a new patient today. A Reta Brown. She lifted her head from…

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