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Stale Cigarettes

A tale of two thieves The mirror behind him, spotted and hazy, held the room of half empty tables, a few regulars, and deep shadows. Smoke danced through the dimly lit room. The bartender wiped down the bar, covered in nicks and dips. He poured drinks as he moved up the bar. An old Wurlitzer… Continue reading Stale Cigarettes

Flash Fiction, School Projects

Wake Me Up | Micro Fiction

I chose a photo from open source, Upsplash, that fit with my piece of Micro Fiction. I then used Adobe Illustration to distort it. If you enjoyed what you've read hit the Like button below. If you would like to receive regular updates when I post smash that Follow button. If you would like to… Continue reading Wake Me Up | Micro Fiction

Flash Fiction, School Projects, Short Story

An Uncomfortable Ride

An Uber ride and an unexpected turn of events The cool air blasted into the Town and Country minivan. It was a couple of years old now, but I loved my purchase. It fit my family of five, had all the fancy stuff, and made me a few extra bucks when a customer needed a… Continue reading An Uncomfortable Ride