What in the World is a Pushcart Prize Nomination?

I sat tapping away at the keyboard. Messenger dinged. Initially, it looked like another random man attempting to message me about how hot they thought I was. Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash. Altered by Jennifer Brewer via Canva. The name sounded familiar though so I figured I should investigate. The mystery was solved, however,… Continue reading What in the World is a Pushcart Prize Nomination?

A Light Within - A Chapter Series

A Light Within: Chapter One

After a long workday, Meghan heads to her car where something waits for her. Keys clicked beneath Meghan’s swift fingers as she finished the note on her previous patient. She was expecting a new patient today. A Reta Brown. She lifted her head from the notes at a soft knock on the door. There a… Continue reading A Light Within: Chapter One

Flash Fiction, Short Story


Living In The Dark I sit on a cot. Wrists shackled, they hang heavy, clamped to a chain which is attached to a wall made of damp, musty rock. I walk ten steps and it pulls tight. The scent of damp earth and excrement fills my nose with every breath. There is squeaking and scratching… Continue reading Trapped

Articles, Thoughts and Musings

A Mom Trying To Write In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Stay At Home Mom, Homeschool Mom, And Writer Mom I have been struggling to keep up with all the things there is to do as a Writer Mom. I have the hard and wonderful distractions of all of my children being home 24/7, because of a pandemic. I spend most days making sure they get… Continue reading A Mom Trying To Write In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Short Story

The Day The World Turned Red

All Bridget wanted was a normal birthday with her friends, but she got more than she bargained for. The calendar above her purple desk held bold red X’s, leading the countdown to the purple and yellow stars surrounding the 17th day of June. It was finally here. For months, she’d been excited for this day.… Continue reading The Day The World Turned Red