The Unforgettable Transformation of Mr. Meaks

Day 2 of 💯: The power of change

Every morning Mr. Meaks asked for two eggs over-easy, bread lightly toasted for dipping, and black coffee with no cream. After breakfast, he would head to the bathroom, brush his teeth for exactly two minutes and comb out salt and pepper hair, parting it to the left. He would then clean his glasses and place them on his nose. On his way out the door, he kissed his wife precisely three times and headed to work.

This morning started out much the same. He requested his usual breakfast. Then surprised Mrs. Meaks by asking for jam. With eyebrows raised, she handed it to him.

He looked at her and winked.

“What’s gotten into you this morning?” she asked, blushing as she looked into his eyes.

“Oh, nothing really. It just sounded good.”

He smiled and touched her hand before taking a bite of breakfast.

Cheeks still red, she went back to making her own food as he headed up the stairs to the bathroom.

Mr. Meaks continued his morning routine, brushing his teeth for precisely two minutes and spitting the bubbly foam into the sparkling porcelain sink. He grabbed his comb from the counter, brushed his hair, parting it to the left, and paused.

Tears filled his eyes, and before any fell, he ran his hands over his face, rubbing them away. He unbuttoned the top button of his shirt and combed his hair straight back. He looked into the mirror, put his glasses on his nose, and smiled.

As he walked down the stairs, he watched as his wife stepped through the door. She looked up and beamed as he bounced down the last three stairs. He grabbed her around the waist, spun, dipped, and pulled her into a smoldering kiss.

Mrs. Meaks wobbled on her feet as he let her go and headed off to work.

This is entry 2/100 for the 💯 story challenge.

***Disclaimer*** This is a work in progress and as such is likely to change before reaching the finished product. Thank you for your understanding.

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