Colorful Chaos: 10 Things that Keep Me Organized and Entertained

Danielle Loewen challenged me to write this list of 10 Things I Can’t Live Without and I’ll be damned if I am going to ignore it. Life just got in the way for a little while.

Plus, it’s a fantastic idea!

This list was difficult to put together. I am a lover of electronics and things I think will make my life easier, even if they don’t.


Without my planner, I would be lost. Time would be irrelevant, I would miss all my appointments, and nothing would get done.

When I was younger, I liked to schedule things, but I didn’t really need a planner to keep things organized. Since I’ve become a wife and mother, all the things I should remember fly out of my brain at alarming speeds. To be fair, I could probably throw age into that equation as well. There are so many things for me to remember and I swear the second something else pops into my brain to remember, the previous thing is gone. “LOOK SQUIRREL!”

Seriously though, having a planner or a list I can quickly put something on has been a lifesaver. I feel more in control of my everyday life. I feel confident I won’t be the parent, sitting in the middle of a meeting, who remembers an hour late they were supposed to pick up their kids from some event.


I know! I know! Everyone and their dog have a cell phone. We are always on them and they are probably going to destroy the very fabric of human connection, even though they were initially created to bring people together. Isn’t it ironic?

In any case, I am regularly on the go and it is the one electronic device that easily holds the reminders from my planner.

It IS how I communicate with those I love while we all go about our busy, daily lives. It holds precious memories of my children. Now that they are back in school, I find myself sneaking peeks at those memories more often.

I do, however, make a conscious effort to put the device down and be present when I’m actually with people unless those said people don’t and then I get bored. It’s a vicious cycle.


These are my favorite shoes. They usually come in bright, obnoxious, mixed colors. They don’t match a single outfit I own or would wear. More often than not, they are the brightest thing I own, besides the occasional bright, unmatching socks I wear with them. I love them!

They are also super comfy and squishy. They support my very high arches. Which makes my feet look cute and little, but are hell for actual walking or standing for long periods of time.

They are like a reminder to those who know and love me, that even when I seem serious, lurking underneath, is a spark of crazy silliness and it can bust out at any time.

They’ve been warned.

Photo by Sketchers on Sketchers. Altered by Jennifer Brewer via Canva.


Speaking of color. Colored pens are necessary for the aforementioned planner. I have a different color for each family member, making it easier for me to visually see the schedule, or I might have a panic attack from everything on it.

I similarly like organizing thoughts and ideas with color. It’s fun to choose a color that corresponds with my mood while journaling. I use them for doodling. I would love to say I use them to draw, but I am just not that talented.

Mostly, I love them because they make me feel good.


Because I carry everything. What if I need something while I’m gone?

I am always on the go. I have children, who need things and awkward times. I have my main things: a hairbrush, chapstick, Tylenol, pads, etc. Then I have the things I need for writing because I need to write when the inspiration strikes and my phone is not fantastic for that.

I think you get the idea. I’ve tried the overstuffed purse and I just can’t stand it. So I spend the money on the Vera Bradley backpacks. They are soft, washable, spacious, easy to carry, and cute.

Photo by Vera Bradley on Vera Bradley. Altered by Jennifer Brewer via Canva.


As a writer, this is a no-brainer. I need it to write. I prefer my MacBook Pro, it loads fast so I can get to work quickly and avoid distraction. It’s also the most efficient when I am working with images or editing videos for marketing. My Windows PC is so slow.

My Animals

They are something loveable and huggable that I can choose that isn’t a human and I can technically consider a “thing.”

I have had dogs or cats pretty much most of my life. I think there was a short stint when I was living in Vermont where having pets was difficult while living in an apartment. Other than that, I have always had pets.

My current fur babies include my two cats Layla (she’s my cat) and Saber (he loves me when the kids aren’t home and when they are, I mean nothing). We also have a dachshund, Max, who will take love from anyone.

Photo by Jennifer Brewer. Altered via Canva.


This is a recent addition to my collection of gadgets and has replaced my notebooks. It is fun to use. I can just use it as a planner/notebook and then wipe it off when I am done with the information or scan the information to save for later.

This makes journaling easier for me. I rarely like to type and journal. There is something that feels wrong about it but, I also hate having to find storage for a million notebooks and not actually being able to find anything that I wrote. This solves that issue.

I also appreciate that it can turn my writing notes into text. It means I can brainstorm on paper and have it turned into text, so I can make sense of it all. It’s fantastic!

Photo by Jennifer Brewer. Altered via Canva.


I love to read.

I also get carpal tunnel flair-ups easier than I would like. The Kindle is light and I can have numerous stories at my fingertips. The lighting, so I can read in the dark, is also a tremendous benefit.

The only downside?

I miss books. I miss how they smell and feel while I hold them. I miss running my hands over the cover.

Final Fantasy XIV

I am a late bloomer with gaming, kind of.

My Dad was a Coin Operator, or that’s the job title he gave himself. Basically, he fixed video games. He was the guy who traveled all over Wyoming (where I grew up) and brought video games to area arcades and fixed the games when they were broken. We also had a couple of arcades locally that my Mom managed. So, I grew up playing video games, just not on consoles.

After I graduated high school, I didn’t really play video games. I wasn’t interested. Then about 6 years ago I was pregnant with my Little and stuck to a chair. I needed something to distract me. My sister told me about Final Fantasy XIV.

From the moment I started playing it, I was hooked. The characters are beautiful, the detail of the world-building is amazing, the storyline is good, and the community is super supportive. Although I take breaks occasionally, I still play it regularly.

Author Note:

Special thanks to Eric Pierce for starting this challenge and Danielle Loewen for the boost to complete it. This piece became a smidge longer than I intended however it was fun a fun reflection piece.

***Disclaimer*** This is a work in progress and as such is likely to change before reaching the finished product. Thank you for your understanding.

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