A Mom Trying To Write In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Stay At Home Mom, Homeschool Mom, And Writer Mom

I have been struggling to keep up with all the things there is to do as a Writer Mom. I have the hard and wonderful distractions of all of my children being home 24/7, because of a pandemic. I spend most days making sure they get their schoolwork done, answering the many questions of a five-year-old who is discovering the world in fresh ways every day, and household chores that never get all the way done.

Somewhere in the middle of all those things are moments, literally minutes, I can try to write.

I have spent more time taking care of those responsibilities and a lot less time writing. It happens, responsibilities are important.

I’ve actually found it is a great excuse NOT to write. The procrastination easily slides in.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I can do it later. There will be plenty of time after the kids go to bed.

Then the negative thoughts, seeing their chance, step in.

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Featured Photo: Background Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash. Photo’s by Jennifer Brewer and altered via Canva.

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