A Picture of Anxiety | One Example Of Anxiety


For as long as she could remember, JoAnn had been sensitive. She often found herself overthinking her choices in life and the interactions she’s had with people in her life.

For instance, the other day, she ran into her friend Noelle. They chatted about their families and how their kids were doing in school. Noelle told her about the scholarship her daughter had just received to play basketball at the state university.

JoAnn, excited to share her news, told Noelle about her son’s acceptance to Harvard. He wanted to be a doctor, and she was so proud of him. Noelle shared in her excitement for both of their children. The conversation ended with a promise to get together for coffee later in the week.

Later that evening, her family sat around the table for dinner. The plates and silverware sparkled under the soft glow of the dining room light.

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Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash

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