Final Fantasy XIV’s Zalera Honors The Life Of Kentaro Miura

Through The Eyes Of A Zaleran

I am a gamer. My game of choice? Final Fantasy XIV.

I regularly visit the region of Eorzea in the world of Hydaelyn. I am a Miqo’te… today, or a type of human-like cat in our world. On a normal day, my friends and I, the great Warriors of Light who belong to the Brew Crew Free Company, are slaying dragons, fighting monsters, and seeking to stop the end of our great world.

This is a world I often go to escape, when I am not reading or writing. My husband and I play together and we are leaders of a Free Company, or Guild, for those who are uncertain of the verbiage. We have around eighty members, each of them unique in their own beautiful way. We are a family of sorts, a family of misfits and goofballs. They have been with me through the birth of my youngest child and the difficulties that followed. When the pandemic hit, we were there for each other, talking and laughing away the loneliness we found ourselves faced with every day. It has, literally, become a home away from home, so to speak.

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Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

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