Mom Writer: The Struggle Is Real

I have been struggling to keep up with all the things there is to do in a Writer Mom’s life. All the hard and wonderful distractions of having all of your children home 24/7, making sure they get their schoolwork done, the numerous questions of a five-year-old discovering the world in new ways every day, household chores that never get all the way done, and trying to write. I have been spending more time taking care of those responsibilities and a lot less time writing. It happens, responsibilities are important.

I found it is a great excuse not to write, the procrastination easily slides in. Then the negative thoughts take over. No one really wants to read what you write anyway or any of the million other negative, biting, nasty thoughts. I find these get louder when I am stuck in the story I am working on or when a blog post I write doesn’t get much traction. Logically, I know this is just how the writing business is. Emotionally, it can be painful. I have been feeling all these things lately. Overwhelmed with them. Frozen.

This morning I had decided to at least get through emails. An email from Bookfox titled, “The Worst Writer in the Universe,” stood out to me. Because today, I felt like that.

It wasn’t what I expected, though. I thought it might talk about how so many writers fall short of being good; myself included. I was wrong. It was an uplifting message about choosing to write even when the negativity comes. It was about ignoring those negative thoughts and reminding ourselves we have a story to tell and our readers will love it.

So, I have put some music on, jazz, to get in the mood for the short story I am working on. Due for submission this evening, I might add. I am writing this, to get the creative juices flowing, because I’m not quite ready to dive into the story.

The dishes sit, undone. The floor is a mess with the toys of a five-year-old. Laundry is going and the children are content eating their lunch. I have a bit of time to sneak in some writing before the next wave of responsibilities overwhelms.

What do you do to get yourself writing again? How do you stop the negative thoughts, or do you even have that problem?

Photos by Jennifer Brewer created via Canva.

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