Big Changes!

Some significant events have happened in our lives recently and it has got me thinking about the choices I am making in my life and my writing.

So much of my life I have not stepped out to do the things I love due to fear. Fear of people not liking me, fear of rejection, fear of looking like a fool, fear of…life, basically. Slowly I have been stepping out of my shell with my writing and becoming more and more confidant, however, I have still been holding myself back.

I have decided, I no longer want to live like this. It is time to start stepping out and taking risks.

In regards to my writing this includes a move to Vocal. This move will include all previous and future chapters of The Cliff: A Web Novella and Marionette. All future short stories will also be on Vocal. I plan to always have a snippet of the work on my website with an easily clickable link to the work on Vocal.

If you aren’t already following me please be sure to click the link below. This will allow you to easily be notified when new work has been posted.

Thank you all for your support as I continue to grow and follow my dreams.❤️

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash. Altered by Jennifer Brewer via Canva.


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