The Cliff: A Webnovel

The Cliff: Chapter Two

Lorna Reaves Is A Woman, Desperate To Do The Right Thing And Save The Man She Loves.

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Lorna paced the floor of her small, cozy apartment, stunned, she’d had to leave a voicemail. The phone rested like a brick in her hand. Her heart squeezed tight, and her stomach twisted with knots. She had known he wouldn’t answer. Why would he? He didn’t owe her his time. She wiped the warm, damp from her cool cheek. It was the right thing, walking away to save him. She was a hero, or so she told herself when the pain became unbearable. 

“I shouldn’t have called him.” Deflated, she slumped onto her maroon speckled, comfy, second-hand couch. The flood came then, it spewed from her soul, and her body shuddered. She wrapped her arms around herself and held tight as she rocked back and forth. Her fingers squeezed, biting into the flesh on her freckled arm. She cried out. “Oh, what a mess. What an awful mess I have gotten myself in.” To settle herself, she took in a shaky, deep breath. As the air moved through her, the tensed muscles relaxed. Her hands dropped to her sides, and the phone hit the floor with a thud. 

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Photograph by Thom Holmes via Unsplash. Altered by Jennifer Brewer via Canva

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