Flash Fiction


A husband receives a strange voicemail from his wife and rushes home to find something horrifying.

Named One Of The Top Entries For XO Horror Series


His cell phone buzzed on the hotel nightstand. A picture of his wife smiled back at him on the screen. A sigh escaped his lips as he turned it over. The buzzing stopped. He ran his hands through his scruffy dark hair. A woman breathed deeply beside him. She shifted, grabbed the wrinkled white sheet, pulled it over bare skin, and then stilled. Layers of black curls fell from her shoulder. He stood, zipped up his pants, tossed a couple crinkled hundreds on the bed, and walked out the door. 

The radio blasted heavy metal, and the speakers rumbled as he sped down the highway. The lights from the city flickered in the rear-view mirror. Rain beat down on the windshield, and the wipers swished back and forth in contrasting rhythm to the music.

Finally, out of the city, he switched off the music and checked his voicemail. Her frantic voice filled the silence.

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