Two Kinds of Learners

I used my Samsung Note 10 to take the original photo. I lucked out getting this shot, Layla just happened to lay like this, and I was able to get my daughter to hold still. In this photo you will see a side view of my daughter, Lillian, and my cat, Layla, in the middle of a school lesson. This is a normal day as I homeschool my four-year-old. Layla decided she was over it all today and took a nap, never too far away from her favorite human.

I used Photoshop to enhance the photo. I sharpened the side of Lillian’s face and all of Layla, I really wanted them to stand out. I fixed several flaws with the table to give the photo a more polished look. Then added a cool-colored filter to bring it all together and give it an “old-school” feel. I really wanted to focus in on Lillian and Layla, I added a lighting effect to brighten the two of them and darken the edges. Finally, I added a 3D text.


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