Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story

Before I started Full Sail, I spent several years in and out of college. After graduating high school, I focused more on relationships and less on school, much to my detriment. I had always thought I would be a teacher or a social worker. I wanted to help people, preferably children. But then I married a man who required me to, mentally, be both a teacher and a therapist for him. He was incapable of taking care of himself; he was mentally abusive and refused to keep a job. Because of that, I got divorced. The pressure to take care of everything for both of us and his refusal to see the damage he was doing to me and our marriage became too much to handle. Because of that, I dropped out of college. By this point I could barely function emotionally let alone take classes, I was in over my head. Because of that, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I, eventually, got remarried, became a heart-mom to two sweet boys, and left my job of eight years to take care of our children, but I still wasn’t content. Until Finally, I took a creative writing class at SNHU; I loved to read and wanted to see if I could be any good at writing. And ever since I pursued my passion for creative writing, I have published a short story, started a novel, and written several other works of fiction. I transferred from the traditional University as I was no longer happy with my degree course and what I was learning, Full Sail has been the best choice by far and I am excited to see what the future holds.Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story


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