Sorry Not Sorry

Do you ever just have to let it out? To allow yourself to feel the hurt while struggling to fight for the truth? Here is a poem about something like that. 

I’ve paid my dues and lived my shame,

I’ve repented for the mistakes I’ve made.

Sins made, big and small, are only one size to God after all.

I’m no longer sorry.

My debt has been paid.

So, stop bringing it up like I deserve to still pay.

You’re allowed to be proud of the achievements you’ve made,

to thank the God who allows grace for Your mistakes.

No one is perfect, it’s why we need Jesus to stand in our place.

Stop acting like you’ve never needed to be saved.

So, sorry not sorry,

I’m done being shamed.

***Disclaimer*** This is a work in progress and as such is likely to change before reaching the finished product. Thank you for your understanding.

Originally published on Medium

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