There Is A Girl

As I was watching my littlest play on the floor, these words flew through my mind. Thankfully, I could catch them before they were gone…

Updated: 5/14/2021

There is a girl.

Rosy cheeks smile the biggest smile from the littlest of mouths.

Eyes bright with excitement and a touch of mischief.


She spins, spins, spins, tumbling down to giggle on the floor, rolling, little feet swinging in the air.

Now she’s up!

Curly wisps of blonde hair fly like sparks of fire as she runs, arms wide, little legs stomp, stomp, stomping into the arms of love.

Love so big, so huge — to grasp the truth…

The air catches in a breath as the sting of beautiful tears fall gently down turned up lips.

A little face with nose scrunched and head tilted cries out, “Mommy! No cry, wipe it?”

A soft touch of innocence spreads away the overflow, a kiss placed onto still wet eyes from lips small.

Oh! Love so big!

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Lena Stanton is on the run. She doesn’t know who they are or what they want, but she is about to find out.

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